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Eleven years later
Wed Apr 6 17:10 2005

Still remember, still listen you..

ps: April is full of good and bad dates.

kurt`s tribute

Wed Apr 6 21:55 2005

And there's something special about April this year :)

Wed Apr 6 22:33 2005

Hear, hear.

Eleven years and counting. But, then again, no one's really dead while there's someone left behind to remember. So, same time and place, next year. Until then, let's just enjoy the music.

Peace, love, empathy.

RE:nuno by Gonçalo
Thu Apr 7 11:10 2005

Hey bro, nice text about the same subject.
Hope see you soon, and hear some Nirvana songs together, or maybe Creed (ok, this last part was a inside joke)

"The fact that there's even people debating whether or not Creed is better than Nirvana is evidence enough that the human race has failed as a species and needs to be wiped out. A bit sad, really."

About the "Hear", that's too much superficial. I really listen to him cuz is not only the sound is also the messages on the lyrics and i don't give a shit if the people don't catch them, i know we do!
To understand the lyrics people need a little background on sadness, frustration and think about life itself but don't dig to much deep inside of Kurt's mind or you will perhaps commmit suicide!