About this Site

When I first started to develop this site, I was just aiming at a personal journal. I tend to forget those small somethings and nothings that happen in my life, and the journal helps me keep track of them.

But soon enough I realized that I could take advantage of the code I had already written and turn it into a my journal/homepage.

So, on the first page you'll find my reflections about what's happening in Portugal and the rest of the world. Most (all?) reflections will be written in portuguese because, at any rate, it is my native language, so it'll take me less time. I'm the only one allowed to submit anything, and you, the visitors can commment on them.

In the section "Stuff" you'll most likely find links to other sites -- fun stuff, useful stuff, programs, etc.

The "Journal" part is to be private -- that means it can only be seen by those who have admin privileges (read: me).

This site was coded from scratch in object-oriented PHP with SQL for its backend. With security in mind, all the journal data is encrypted on-disk (i.e.: in the database) -- so, if the webserver or the database server ever be compromised there is no way to descrypt anything, because the key isn't physically stored anywhere. Anywhere except in my head, that is.

Like every good things, this site stands for standards, so it is HTML 4.01 and CSS valid by W3C.

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