Funny things:

CtrlAltDel: Bill Gates makes Ctr-Alt-Del famous

DanceMonkey: Steve Ballmer jumping around

Developers: Steve Ballmer loves developers

Desenrascanço: Portuguese ability

PTnot.c: A shame for PTnet coders

Sand: Art with sand

Crash: Sasser worm picture

Windows SO: You know the meaning of this

Media Center : Bill Gates gets a Media Center crash on public TV

WindowsATM: Windows ATM machine breaks

Evil foto: What a "hell" is that?

Dream Car: Dodge Charger 69

ath0.c: An old modem disconnector by me

openDoS.c: Remote DoS for OpenBSD by me

Gildot.html: Gildot with database Problems

pppF.c: An old ppp link flooder by me

Blue Screen: Windows98 gets a Blue Screen on Bill Gates face

NTV: You have to be portuguese to understand

Useful things:

SSH jail: An unofficial patch for having jails on OpenSSH by me

Apache Howto: Apache instalation-Performance in mind

MySQLQuota: Making MySQL work with quotas by me

LinkStatus: URLs Links checker

ApacheTomcat: Instalation Howto Apache+Tomcat+mod_jk2

P55-12.txt: LKM hack

Google: How is google inside

Spam: Why Am I Getting All This Spam?

rfc2317.txt: What ISPs never do

PHP security: Programming PHP with security

P49-14.txt: Smashing The Stack For Fun And Profit

DNS: DNS Cache Snooping

LKM guide: LKM Programing Guide

LKM Fun: Let's have fun with LKM